We are a group of professionals and representatives of different nationalities, who seek to inspire others to create a healthier world. We are close to one hundred top-notch judges that ethically vote for the world’s best health and wellness communications pieces each year. We are a group of agencies that are motivated to be the best year after year.



The Saniss initiative has its roots in the WINA Festival, a global event for independent multinational agencies and networks, which broke the traditional festival format with a novel proposal for cases to be able to register for free, without any paying any upfront registration costs.

Since 2016, the WINA Festival has been held successfully in cities such as Los Angeles, Barcelona, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Santiago and Dubai.


We manage to select the best cases, thanks to our international team of judges, consisting of creative and strategic leaders from agencies specializing in Health.

This select academic team is complemented by professionals responsible for communications and marketing in the health and wellness industries (private and public).


Professionals from creative industries, such as advertising, traditional media, production houses, digital and public relations agencies

Marketing, data and content leaders in the health, pharma, and preventive sectors

Directors of public and mixed entities related to health.

Saniss 2024 Official Regulation

Download here the Saniss 2024 regulations