The payment platform for winners’ rights will be activated after April 10th, once the winners of the 2023 edition are announced. Please note that the winner’s fee is USD 490 for each trophy won. This payment includes award rights, entrance to the ceremony (optional), trophy production, shipping and customs.

The payment methods available on the Saniss Awards website are:- Online payments (credit or debit card, PSE) via Openpay payment gateway.From our Ecommerce we do not collect, store or transmit transactional data. For this we use the services of Openpay, which is a certified payment platform that guarantees the security of all transactions through encryption software, validation procedures and robust data protection measures at banking level (PCI level 1 certification). That is why making payments on our website is secure. If your payment is with PSE, the Openpay payment gateway is responsible for communicating directly with your bank through ACH, when paying through this channel, you are using the security processes of your own bank who is the one that validates your primary key and second key if applicable.

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